Skoomin- reporting system for students

Yes… Coming in February is Skoomin. Skoomin is a reporting system for students. Students can report bullying in real time, actually they can report anything like bullying, harassment, intimidation, weapons just to name a few. once they press send it works like messenger. The principal can respond immediately to ask for more information. Students can also upload videos or pictures for their report. So no more filling out line by line to report something. This program is completely anonymous so it makes reporting easier for students. Students will feel free to report without the worry of others knowing who sent the message.

When a student is walking to or from school we have also added an emergency button. When a student presses the button a siren goes off. But wait!!!! when they sign up for the reporting system and push emergency button, it will ask for a cell number (for example their parents number) now when they press the emergency button, not only does a siren come a text message goes to that number with location of where they are.

Skoomin was designed by to help students report problems they witness at schools.  Be the first to purchase our reporting system. Tell us you read about it on our blog and receive your second year absolutely free.

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