High School Anti Bullying Speaker

High School Anti Bullying Speaker

Jim Jordan was the best guest motivational speaker I have seen over the course of my 20 plus years as a teacher. He was right on target when it comes to the new portfolio planning initiative in BC Schools. He totally captivated his audience and has a unique presentation that attracts today’s teens. I would give his performance an A+.
Jim Palm
Brooks Career Education Coordinator

In order to attack the bullying we need to build a solid foundation. Firstly, students will gain knowledge on what bullying is and the different forms of bullying that occur in high school. We’ll focus on Physical bullying, verbal abuse, hazing, sexual harassment, racism and LGBT.

In the Second half of this school assembly, our emphasis is focused on the role of the bystanders. Explaining when bystanders are complacent they’re complicit. They can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Jim has spoken to tens of thousands of students and Jim is not only entertaining he is proactive.

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Jim Jordan gave a thoroughly fantastic “Motivational Presentation” to our student body in two, 50 – minute assemblies.
By using an interactive presentation style with the use of magic tricks, he was able to maintain the students’ attention as he got his message across.
I would highly recommend this young man’s presentation approach. You will not be disappointed.
Jim Mitchell


Just wanted to thank you very much for your terrific presentations at Kernahan Park yesterday. You are receiving rave reviews from both staff and, most importantly, the students. In my grade 11 class this morning, the students were still laughing about your shrinking head (and talking about the money!) – but even better, they were able to say the words: Respect, Responsibility and Integrity – and knew that it all built to trustworthiness and independence. Wow! I think they heard you.

My principal loved how you also tied so much of it to teachers and school.

I will be looking more carefully at the materials you gave me and will be presenting it to staff at our next staff meeting.

Thank you again for preparing and presenting such a dynamic performance with such an important message.

Martha Hunt
Co-op Department
Kernahan Park S.S.


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