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Character Education Anti Bullying Presentation

At Report Bullying we provide school presentations for elementary students on character education and join it up with a powerful anti bullying message. Our team has developed follow up character and anti bullying exercises, reporting systems, unlimited bullying surveys, track bullying system and much more. Bullying is a community problem so we offer an anti bullying seminar for teachers and parents. Our goal is to provide direction, guidance and rich content so students, teachers and parents can create a safe school environment.

After our elementary character anti bullying school assemblies students can work with the teacher to plan ways to celebrate and reward good character in the classroom. Students from primary to middle school can explore character education that is lifelong, learning positive approaches for setting and achieving goals. They have the opportunity to benefit from our character education exercises which provide reading material and certificates which help your elementary school students to see the consequences of negative social behaviors such as bullying and the benefits of positive social behaviors. Students explore and analyze a variety of approaches to problem solving that are appropriate for their age level.

We have developed a step by step follow up program.
In a short period of time you’ll have your anti bullying committee set up.
Our program includes surveys, tracking system, reporting systems, character education exercises, in class bystander program, mentoring program, leadership team and much more.

Each month has exercises and tools to aid teachers in creating a safe and caring school environment.

Character education is a win-win situation for all involved but it is not a single course, a quick-fix program, or a poster posted on the wall; it is an integral part of school life. Character education is not an add-on program after our anti bullying assembly nor a once a month lesson. It is about developing virtues and good habits which lead students to being responsible and trustworthy. Character education is the process of learning and should include students, family and community.

Character education is one way to aid elementary students in developing moral fiber which leads them to caring and ethical people who will speak up when they see bullying happening in their school. Character education is intended to reinforce what parents teach about making sound moral judgments. Schools cannot, however, assume this responsibility alone; it takes the whole community to get involved.Elementary schools that were successful in implementing our practices had the involvement and commitment of the entire school — from the principal to all teachers and parents.


You have a great program and I think you are at the top. By far I would recommend you to anyone. I just received another call yesterday about you . I will work to promote you around this area not because I like you but I feel you have the best message, delivery, and really care about what you are doing… not just a business.

Steven M. Smith

Hi Jim: I had the pleasure of witnessing your talk on Bullying (not being a Bystander) & Personal Responsibility a few years ago at St. Timothy. Just wondering if you were still presenting this same talk. Memory serves me, each talk did lend itself to a particular division. The message was profound and we used a number of the elements within it to promote the message of tolerance and community throughout the year. Thanx
Look forward to hearing from you again!

Tom E. Durran
Principal, St. Raphael Catholic School 

Mr. Jordan,
We cannot thank you enough for the job well done today! I am hearing a ton of wonderful feedback and people were impressed how you got your message across to the K and 1 students as these groups tend to be hard to reach with age appropriate activities. We will work to keep the positive messages going.
Calcium Primary School 

I just wanted to thank you again for visiting our district last week and Jefferson School. The students truly enjoyed the performance and we have already had several reports of minor bullying since your presentation.

Craig Curtis
Assistant Principal
Jefferson Elementary School