Middle School Anti Bullying Program

Middle School Bullying Program

Here are some questions to consider in selecting an anti-bullying program for your middle school.

Q. Is this program sufficiently comprehensive to meet the curriculum requirements and is it tailored to each specific grade?

A. Yes. Our programs include K-3, 4-8, 9-12, each with their own content to meet the needs of the grades and ages of each group.


Q. Does the program include character education?

A. Yes. We have character education exercises for teachers to follow up with their students.


Q. Is the middle school anti-bullying program inclusive and comprehensive, involving parents, teachers, principal and the entire student body?

A. Yes. Our programs are available to students (K-12), teachers, parents and even the police forces as well as the community at large. Involvement of the whole community is the most ideal.


Q. Are keynote presentations available for teachers?

A. Yes. These presentations will include:

1. What is bullying?

2. Forms of bullying.

3. Intervention.

4. Their role.

5. Follow up program


Q. Does the program include parents training?

A. Yes, parents will understand their role and how to work with the school to resolve any bullying problems


Q. Is the program affordable?

A. Yes, we offer a price range that fits most school budgets.


Q. Do students find the program meaningful and enjoyable?

A. Without a doubt, students as well as parents, teachers and principals have given us a most favorable response to our anti bullying program and assemblies