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How to reduce bullying in schools

How to reduce bullying in schools

From our Reportbullying.com survey statistics on the topic of bullying, many of us have a myopic view. We tend to say, “It’s a bully problem. No, it’s a school problem. No, it’s a parent problem. No, it’s a teacher problem.” We think we know the problem because we are always looking in the same place,

New Orleans – What an amazing school

Bullying in school

I just got back from New Orleans. I was out there teaching the students about our program and the importance of speaking up. St. Christopher’s should be so proud of how their students acted at the assembly. I have been speaking on bullying in schools for over 13 years and St. Christopher’s school and students

Arizona and Houston … Here we come

Arizona and Houston

At the end of April reportbullying.com expert Jim Jordan will be teaching students and parents about bullying and how to create a safe and motivating school environment.  We know bullying happens in every school but the biggest problem we have is so many people think everything is bullying. Our presentations teach students, teachers and parents

Skoomin- reporting system for students

Skoomin- reporting system for students

Yes… Coming in February is Skoomin. Skoomin is a reporting system for students. Students can report bullying in real time, actually, they can report anything like bullying, harassment, intimidation, weapons just to name a few. once they press send it works like a messenger. The principal can respond immediately to ask for more information. Students

Stats show Bullying is getting worse

Stats show Bullying is getting worse

New statistics are out showing that bullying is getting worse in schools. This doesn’t surprise me because when I first started speaking on bullying 13 years ago I would receive 5 to 10 calls a day to come and speak at their school. over the past 3 years, the amount of schools interested in having

Workplace Bullying

Bullying occurs in many ways, having many faces, and occurring in many different places and situations.   Bullying is a terrible insidious action that happens and it affects everyone involved.  Many people don’t even recognize that bullying is occurring.  We can easily observe bullying when we see someone going up to another person with a fist

The positive side of Discipline – Teachers

positive side of Discipline

Positive Discipline As a teacher, when you instruct your students on a procedure or a policy and later learn that the students have not done what you instructed them to do, how would you react? Hand out punishment, or, try to analyze why they did not do what they were asked to do. When I

New Website

New Website

Well, it’s finally here with the new Website. https://www.reportbullying.com/ a new design and interface. we have added more anti-bullying videos, testimonials, and an overall easier template to follow everything that we can do at https://www.reportbullying.com/ Our main focus is on the role of the bystanders but our program is complete with exercises, reporting systems, and

Toronto schools combating anti-bullying problems

Toronto schools combating anti bullying problems

I’m here in the eastern part of Toronto where I’ll be speaking to 4 middle schools and 2 high schools about how to become proactive in reducing bullying. What I like the most is how excited they are to implement our anti-bullying program. It is critical to have a follow-up after an assembly to keep

Bullying it has to stop

Bullying is not just a bad dream which will be over when you wake up. It is a nightmare which will go away only if we all open our eyes to this reality and choose to look out through all the windows. School Boards, along with the State boards and Ministry of Education, must demonstrate