Anonymous live reporting system for students.

Students can report – Bullying – Intimidation – Harassment – Vandalism – Drugs & Alcohol and Weapons that occurs on school property

Principal also has the authority to immediately alert students and teachers  about a lock down due to weapons on school property.

$149.00 per year (Better rates for multiple schools)


evidence based program

Free Online Anti Bullying Survey (value $49.99)

Elementary School

Middle School

High School 

– All surveys are 100% confidential and secure  – Results are available immediately

– Open dialogue boxes allow students to offer more detailed information.

  • Email us at – tell us which survey you’re interested in. We’ll send you a direct link.

After viewing your results,please contact us for pricing if you’re interested in an anti bullying school presentation.

Anti Bullying Teacher Training


Anti Bullying Parenting Keynote


Anti Bullying Workshops for Teachers

Middle & High School - Anti Bullying Assembly


Bullying changes dramatically in middle & high school compared to elementary school.
We find that students use more of the social aspects to bully.

That is why we focus on:
– Gossiping
– Exclusion
– Taunting
– Cyber bullying.
Our anti bullying assemblies are proactive and focus on the role of the bystanders in bullying situations.

Intermediate – Anti Bullying Assembly


It’s unfortunate but so many students think everything is bullying.
We’ll focus on these aspects of bullying:
– Indicators to bullying
– Conflict vs. Bullying
– Telling vs. Tattling
– Teasing vs. Taunting
– Physical Abuse
– Verbal Abuse
– Exclusion
– Gossiping
Our main concept is on the role of the bystanders in bullying situations.

Primary – Anti Bullying Assembly


With primary age students it’s vital to be interactive, fun and educational.
Our assemblies focus on how to become the best school in your area by:
– Caring for their teachers
– Caring for their school
– Caring for each other
We’ll demonstrate that bullying is a repeated action.
We’ll do some role playing to show how to speak up for a friend.