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Jim Jordan


Author (4 books)
Anti Bullying Expert
Certified by the Dept of Health and Human Services, The Mental Health Academy, St. Johns Ambulance & Quest Education Systems

Anti Bullying Teacher Training

Anti Bullying Teacher Training

Anti Bullying Parenting Keynote

Anti Bullying Parenting Keynote

Workshops for Teachers

Workshops for Teachers

  • Middle & High School Grades 6-12 – Assembly

    Middle & High School Grades

  • Bullying changes dramatically in middle & high school compared to elementary school.
    We find that students use more of the social aspects to bully that is why we focus on:
    – Gossiping
    – Exclusion
    – Taunting
    – Different forms of harassment
    – Cyber bullying.
    Our anti bullying assemblies are proactive and focus on the role of the bystanders in bullying situations.

  • Intermediate – Assembly – Grades 3-5

    Intermediate – Assembly – Grades

  • It’s unfortunate but so many students think everything is bullying.
    We’ll focus on these aspects of bullying:
    – Indicators to bullying
    – Conflict vs. Bullying
    – Telling vs. Tattling
    – Teasing vs. Taunting
    – Physical Abuse
    – Verbal Abuse
    – Exclusion
    – Gossiping
    Our main concept is on the role of the bystanders in bullying situations.

  • Primary – Anti Bullying Assembly Grades K-2

    Primary Anti Bullying Assembly Grades

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  • With primary age students it’s vital to be interactive, fun and educational.
    Our assemblies focus on how to become the best school in your area by:
    – Caring for their teachers
    – Caring for their school
    – Caring for each other
    We’ll demonstrate that bullying is a repeated action.
    We’ll do some role playing to show how to speak up for a friend.


  • Find an anti bullying speaker in your area