Anti Bullying Night Keynote for Parents

Anti Bullying Night Keynote for Parents

Understanding Bullying for Parents

In this action packed keynote, the role of the bully, the victim and the bystander will be identified.

Parents need to become aware of the information about bullying delivered to their children in order to compliment the instructions given to the students. The parents also need to know the steps they can take in supporting the process. It will assist parents to identify and correct areas of inappropriate behavior in their own home.
Parents have a huge role in their child’s behavior; if bullying is about bad behavior then it is vital that parents see how big of a role they have in reducing bullying at their child’s school by demonstrating positive behavior in their home and community.

Bullying is a community problem. Parents, teachers and students all need to be on board to stop bullying.

Dear Jim,

I just want to say again what a pleasure it was meeting you this evening. The presentation was fantastic and I meant it when I said that I wish I’d heard it 20 years ago. I came away feeling motivated on several levels.

We really appreciate you staying to do the parent presentation and I’m sure that you made a difference in our community tonight.

I hope you guys have a safe and uneventful trip home,

Best regards


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