Middle School – Proactive Anti Bullying Assemblies

Middle School Bullying Assemblies

In order for Middle school students to be interested in an assembly speaker they need to be engaged to better retain the information.
With magic and tons of audience participation, Jim Jordan will deliver easy to follow instructions so your students can understand the influence that each of them have as a bystander in bullying situations.

  1. Your school will also receive:
    An online program to allow your students to report bullying directly to the principal or counselor.
  2. Ballot boxes to report bullying
    Anti-bullying exercises for teachers with which to follow up after the presentation
  3. Teacher tools to help schools facilitate the program
  4. Mentoring program for at risk students

You also receive:
Pre and Post Bullying Surveys
Anti Bullying Posters

Our focus is on the behavior of the bystanders, since everyone is a bystander it allows our anti-bullying program to be aimed at the behavior of all the students.

I wanted to let you know that I spoke with a school today (located in Grove City, PA) about your presentation. They are beginning to prepare for a kick-off of the Olweus program. I gave them your number and website so they will be contacting you soon. I will be meeting with Dan Olweus on Monday and will share your wonderful presentation with him. I hope all is well.

Everything is going well with our program and the kids still talk about you (we actually have your picture on posters around the building with your statement… “Keep on keeping on!” Great job and thanks again! Mr. Steven M. Smith Principal, Haine Middle School