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Bullying Surveys

Online School Bullying Surveys

Report Bullying offers online surveys for students, parents and teachers.

Our surveys cost $29.99 each

After completing our survey, you’ll receive a full report which comes with percentages, graph charts and open dialogue boxes (Students, teachers and parents can expand on answers).

Elementary school bullying survey
Middle School bullying surveyHigh School bullying survey
Parenting bullying surveyTeacher bullying survey
Cyber bullying survey
Character student survey

To purchase one or more surveys click on the link below
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Sample of Report Bullying Surveys & Results
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Here are some answers to some questions that are often asked.

  1. Yes you can use your surveys anytime (no expiry)
  2. No limit to the amount of people doing survey
  3. You can not change questions
  4. You receive all results
  5. You can download results
  6. Results are confidential

If you have any questions please do not hesitate and call us 1-866-333-4553

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