Anti Bullying Assembly Speaker for Elementary School | USA | Canada

Elementary Anti Bullying Assembly Program

Super Hero/ Independence Day
Grades 4 to 8 (Middle School)
Let’s Stop Fueling the Bullying Together!

The goal of our anti bullying presentation-program is: as a result of their greater knowledge and understanding of bystanders behavior, students’ behavior will change in these ways:
• fewer will join in bullying behavior
• fewer will smile or show approval of bullying behavior incidents
• fewer will promote the status of the aggressor or the target
• more will be prepared to express their dislike of what is happening
• more will volunteer information about what is happening.

Elementary students will be attentive with this interactive message. By using a backdoor approach I will allow the students to lead themselves in self-discovery: to choose what is right and wrong and to choose what to do when they see bullying or violence in school, or on the school bus, or on their way to and/or from school.

In order to target the bullying we need to build a solid foundation. Firstly, students will gain knowledge on how to accomplish independence: by understanding responsibility, integrity and respect – directing them to earn the freedom that they all want. I will show them not only how to receive more independence but I will also show them how to act with this new found freedom.

In the second half emphasis is focused on the students that are watching the bullying going on and are saying nothing (complacent). The students being bullied just don’t have the strength or courage to do anything about it. Therefore addressing the students that watch the bully and saying nothing makes them guilty (complicit). By educating students in accepting that  independence is part of their responsibility therefore to report the bullying will help to stop fueling the bully and allowing the students to stop being part of the problem = be part of the solution by speaking up.

“Best assembly I have ever been too, very motivational and very inspiring. Thanks for brightening our day and giving us a new outlook on life. Thanks for all the excitement.”
Student (we keep students name anonymous)

“It is my pleasure to write commendation on behalf of Jim Jordan. Mr. Jordan delivered a powerful and engaging presentation to a group of over six hundred junior high students at S. Bruce Smith School. The presentation, entitled “Independence Day”, spoke to how students could establish independence and freedom by understanding authority, integrity and respect. Throughout the presentation, our students were focused and actively engaged. Mr. Jordan utilized a variety of strategies and skills that were entertaining and meaningful to junior high aged children. Both staff and students were positive and complimentary about the impact that the presentation had upon them. Mr. Jordan’s message certainly helped to set the tone and direction for our philosophy of Culture of Caring at. S. Bruce Smith School this year!”
Linda Parr, Counsellor S Bruce Smith School, Edmonton, Alberta