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Bus Driver Training

Bullying can happen anywhere at any time to anyone and the one area that we are hearing more often is on the school bus.
When bullying happens on the school bus not all bus drivers may know what to do therefore making it difficult to stop the bad behavior. Furthermore when students are taught to speak up to someone in authority (ex. bus driver) and if nothing is done about the situation then students may stop speaking up.

anti bullying program for bus drivers

We offer a 1 hour keynote presentation to educate bus drivers on bullying and their responsibility as an adult. When we speak to bus drivers we take the angle of what should an adult do when a student speaks up to them. We also expalin how to be objective and measurable so schools can deal with the bad behavior that is occurring on the bus.
We never interfere with schools policies and procedures.
We are here to work together and just as teachers and parents need to know what to do, so do bus drivers.
Please contact us for more information.. 1866 333 4553

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