Stats show Bullying is getting worse

New statistics are out showing that bullying is getting worse in schools. This doesn’t surprise me because when i first started speaking on bullying 13 years ago i would receive 5 to 10 calls a day to come and speak at their school. over the past 3 years the amount of schools interested in having a speaker has dropped dramatically.

Just like any subject schools seem to hit it hard and then move onto another subject. Is that wrong? NO but the problem is schools need to keep up on bullying because bullying will always occur in every school.

St. Micheal’s school in Toronto just had a horrific bullying problem but like some schools they would rather not talk about it , then to deal with it. Information about St. Micheal’s school suggests that the bullying at their school has been going on for a long time.

Schools need experts to come and speak to students about bullying and the importance of being part of the solution by speaking up when they witness bullying. The problem i see is that adults are not doing their job when a child speaks up about bullying. Teachers need training on how to deal with bullying and their role in documenting and following up when a student speaks up to them.

At we educate all areas from each grade level, to parents and their role as well as training teachers. We offer a full follow up program to aid students, teachers and parents. Give us a call today and we’ll send out all the information and pricing.

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