Cyberbullying Online Reporting System – SKOOMIN

High School Report Cyberbullying

In today’s world cyberbullying has been a devastating form to intimidate and scare others.

Offering students other options to speak up when they witness, bullying, vandalism, and weapons being brought onto school property is a proactive approach to maintaining a safe school environment.

We can all remember the amount of peer pressure and the feeling that you may lose your friends if you speak up or become the next victim/target.

We have created an online reporting system called SKOOMIN. Students can report cyberbullying and bullying, and administrators can deal with this problem in real-time (this provides objective measurable proof).


  • an online LIVE anonymous reporting system
  • LIVE reports…text back and forth immediately to assure you receive the clarification needed to resolve the issue
  • secure – only the people in authority can see the reports

To purchase your SKOOMIN online reporting system for $249.99 per year Click here