Expert Anti-Bullying Parent Keynote


Good Morning Jim,

May I say without a doubt that was the best presentation that I have ever seen!!! Principal Mrs. MacDonald had rave reviews for you as did Tanya our health nurse who contributes a lot to the input of speakers in North Halton.
Maria Bruno

Calling all Parents!

This keynote for parents will complement the student assemblies and faculty training thus strengthening the cooperative work of students, teachers, and parents in maintaining a safe and respectful community.

Parents will be guided to reflect on how their parenting style affects their children’s confidence, assertiveness, and ability to solve problems.

This keynote will focus on these points:

  • Parents are informed about the character education that has been taught.
  • How do we as parents overlook bullying at home. We need to recognize these bullying actions like gossiping and raising our voices to control our kids.
  • Parents have a major role in how their children behave at school and in their communities. We will demonstrate what kids see is usually what kids do.
  • Our actions as parents need to be positive. When our actions or words as parents are negative they usually bring those negative behavioral actions to school.
  • Teach parents how to receive respect from their children.

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