School Motivational Speaker

Character Education

Students will gain knowledge on how to receive more freedom in their lives and how to be a positive influence in their community. This directs them to make good life choices.


Emphasis is focused on the bystanders – when they say nothing or do nothing, they are also guilty of allowing the bullying to continue.

Speak Up!

We are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Be part of the problem and say nothing, or be part of the solution and speak up to someone in authority.


It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of the anti-bullying program by Jim Jordan. Report Bullying is an interactive program that was shared with our grade 5 to 8 students. Students were engaged in the presentation and took an interactive role in outlining the steps to take when confronted with a bullying situation. One of the main outcomes of the presentation was the strong recommendation that students take a proactive role in addressing bullying by not being bystanders but rather by confronting the bullying by reporting incidents to teachers and administration.
Jim provided concrete materials that were shared with the students. Bullying boxes and forms were shared with the students whereby students can report incidents without fear of repercussion.
I would recommend that Jim come in to address this very important issue again at the school.


Christina Daly
Vice Principal
Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School, Oakville, Ontario

It was a pleasure to have you at our school. I also recommended you to some other schools we are connected with so hopefully, that will bring you more work.
Lisa Merriman
Principal, Cleveland, Ohio 

Thank you again for everything today. The buzz around the school is how great the presentation was, some students wrote about it in their journals today- without being asked? I’m getting a ton of great feedback so mad props to you!!

Thank you very much!
( I have passed along your info to five districts in our area)

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