School Board Lunch and Learn

School Board Lunch & Learn

School board employees need to know about this epidemic of bullying.
Since bullying happens everywhere we need to focus everyone’s attention on how to become proactive. offers a 1 hour Lunch & Learn on educating school board employees on their role to become proactive so they can assist schools on implementing a solid bullying program.

Jim Jordan Author will take you on a journey that will open your mind to a new paradigm shift. Since most of us look through the same window and see bullying as a school problem we need to now shift our thought process to take responsibility on our role in providing a safe school environment.

Jim Jordan is an internationally known, award winning keynote speaker, author and leading authority on school bullying.

Keynote speaker/Conference Speaker Jim Jordan provides keynote presentations to teachers and parents because bullying is a community problem not a bullying problem.

As a keynote speaker/conference speaker Jim has impacted the lives of over 100,000 people from Canada and the USA through his motivational keynote speeches and anti bullying programs.

Jim will grab the attention from the get go. Being voted best entertainer 12 years in a row Jim knows how to control an audience and keep them focused.

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