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Arizona and Houston … Here we come

At the end of April expert Jim Jordan will be teaching students and parents about bullying and how to create a safe and motivating school environment.  We know bullying happens in every school but the biggest problem we have is so many people think everything is bullying. Our presentations teach students, teachers and parents

Skoomin- reporting system for students

Yes… Coming in February is Skoomin. Skoomin is a reporting system for students. Students can report bullying in real time, actually they can report anything like bullying, harassment, intimidation, weapons just to name a few. once they press send it works like messenger. The principal can respond immediately to ask for more information. Students can

Stats show Bullying is getting worse

New statistics are out showing that bullying is getting worse in schools. This doesn’t surprise me because when i first started speaking on bullying 13 years ago i would receive 5 to 10 calls a day to come and speak at their school. over the past 3 years the amount of schools interested in having

Anti Bullying Speakers for Schools

Looking for an anti bullying speaker that actually makes a difference? At we offer a proactive approach to reducing bullying by focusing on education and the role of the bystanders. The biggest problem I hear from teachers is that they hear the word bullying many times a day. Students are using the word bullying

Edgartown elementary school Martha’s vineyard

I just had the great opportunity to speak at Edgartown elementary school on Martha’s vineyard. What made this event so special was the effort the school was showing to support students and parents. How many times a PTO hires us and the principal never sets foot inside the gym to see what I was speaking

Canadian schools stop using the word BULLYING

So once again I receive a call from a parent who states that their child is being bullied and the school is doing nothing about it. Our company is named, so parents feel they can call us to report bullying. Over and over again I hear the same comments… “my child is being bullied and