Private Schools Anti Bullying Program

Private Schools – Bullying Programs

At Report Bullying we have developed anti bullying programs for private schools that reach every level.
Students from K-12
Teachers and Parents
We offer our programs to any private school in the United States or Canada

Bullying is a community problem that is why it is so important to have all levels educated on their role in reducing bullying.

Most people think to stop bullying you must focus on the bully or the victim; actually bullying is a symptom of bad behavior. Our program works on the behavior of the bystanders because everyone is a bystander.

As for the teachers, we focus on correcting bad behavior and also on how to gain trust from their students so they will speak up to them if they witness bullying going on at school.

As for the parents, we focus on how their behavior affects the behavior of their children. Bullying is a community problem not a bully problem.


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