How To Choose the right anti bullying speaker

Biggest concern for principals when hiring an anti bullying assembly speaker

When I speak to principals their number one concern is that the anti bullying assembly doesn’t suddenly make everyone feel like they’re a victim and speak up and report the bullying.

I can completely understand that concern but please let me alleviate you of any concerns when it comes to hiring us. Our #1 detail is on education, really understanding what bullying is and then creating a safe and motivating school environment by focusing on the role of the bystanders.

We’ll focus on teasing vs. taunting, telling vs. tattling, cyberbullying, and the social aspects of bullying like exclusion and gossiping.

So what do you need to look out for?

  1. You’ll have speakers that speak about bullying because they were a victim in school. These types of speakers focus on victims only. These presentations leave students wondering if they’re a victim too, but do not help them understand what they can do about it. Bullying is a symptom of bad behavior.  Victim presenters only focus on 5% or 10% of the behavior going on in your school. Even though their story may be emotional and uplifting, they’re always reactive and never reduce bullying.
  2. “I was a bully.” These type of speakers talk about their experience of being a bully and what happened to them. The problem is that they put the bully on a pedestal and give them the attention they’re looking for. Remember, the bully is receiving great results from their bad behavior. Bullies will never stop bullying because a stranger came in and talked about their own downfall.
  3. Speakers who claim, “I’m an entertainer and I can keep your student’s attention.” While they will probably keep their attention, they do not provide anything of substance.  Your students will feel like they got a free period of entertainment, and learn nothing about bullying and how to prevent or stop it.

What makes us different?

Our company is recognized as the top anti-bullying program in North America. We offer complete proactive assemblies that focus on the behavior of the bystanders. Jim is not here as a previous victim or bully.  He is a professional speaker and an anti bullying expert who’s presentations look at the whole picture and focus on the community working together to solve this problem.  Jim is an author of 4 books on bullying and is certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Academy, St. Johns Ambulance and Quest Education Services. He has been speaking about bullying for over 13 years. Our assemblies are age appropriate. We adjust the education we provide based on the grade level of your students. We also offer an extensive follow up program to keep the message going strong throughout the school year. Below are some testimonials and references so you can make a decision that best suits your school’s needs

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