High School Anti Bullying Assembly Speaker

High School Anti Bullying Assembly Speaker

High school students will be captivated by Jim Jordan’s stage presence. Our high school anti-bullying program offers tangible content, which is both measurable, educational and of course fun.

This high school anti-bullying presentation will explore the impact on students who observe bullying. The ones observing have influence in determining the outcome of the situation.

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At ReportBullying.com our team can assist in the understanding that a problem unidentified is a problem unsolved. We recognize that bullying is a behavior that occurs in all walks of life, all ages and with both sexes. Our presentations are specific to age groups. In the case of high schools, it is accompanied with a process and manner that has content and humor, bringing the best usable information in the time available and leaving the students a behavioral challenge.

High School Anti Bullying Assemblies