Anti Bullying Program for community


Bullying is a community problem (not just a student problem).

At we focus on the role of the bystander- to teach students to speak up when they witness (see) someone is being bullied- but how do we get our students/children to speak up?

The goal is to first help teachers and parents- getting them to understand that we all have a part to play when it comes to reducing bullying. We then applied this goal, to demonstrate how we as adults can get our students/children motivated to speak up to someone in authority.  If a student/child is demoralized they WILL NOT speak up to someone in authority and when this happens it becomes difficult for teachers to do their job in the classroom and as parents we get frustrated because our child/children seem to not care about anything.

In our assembly programs (listed below) teaching and educating students, teachers and parents their role as a bystander will help reduce bullying.

– Anti bullying assemblies for K-3Community Anti Bullying Program

– Anti bullying assemblies for 4-8

– High School bullying assembly

– Teacher Training

– Parenting session keynote in the evening

– Online report bullying program (students can report bullying to the local police from the comfort of their own home

– Online character education-anti bullying follow up for students

– Stop bullying stickers (for school)

Report Bullying ballot boxes (students can fill out form and place it in the ballot box)

– Post anti bullying surveys (each school)

– Mentoring Program