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“He was one of the best speakers that I have seen during my 15years in education. If you are looking for an excellent presenter/speaker that is able to engage your students while giving a strong message on some character education virtues then you may want to give him a call.” Respectfully, Robert Currier, Vice-Principal, General Vanier Intermediate School, Cornwall, Ontario.”

Let’s reduce bullying by building Character Education, the essence of learning.
With our action packed Stop Bullying Assemblies a solid understanding of Character Education is presented by targeting best behavior through respect, responsibility and integrity, and then how these are used in reducing bullying in your school.
When students recognize the foundation of respect for their teachers it then provides for the teacher and the students a better experience in their school.

It will be demonstrated to your students that once they are respectful, they prove responsibility and now have the opportunity to be given more independence.
We conclude with the understanding that people who are respectful and responsible and live their lives with integrity are the most successful. Teachers are professionals who want to see results and appreciation for their effort. With this extra tool for strengthening Character Education of students, it should provide a greater motivation for those students to learn

Character Education Speaker


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