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Report bullying online for students


Report bullying online for students is a great way to allow them  the opportunity to tell a school administrator what is happening. Bullies always do bad behavior away from people in authority. The key is to educate students that they’re not tattling, ratting or snitching when they report bullying.

Bullies want other students thinking that they’re getting them in trouble but by educating students that they’re tell an adult to get the targeted victim out of trouble is the reason for reporting the bullying. Having a reporting system where students can be anonymous is the best way because most students who report think they may become the next victim if the bully finds out.

There are other ways students can report bullying.

1. come to class early and talk to their teacher

2. write a note and leave it on their desk

3. as stated above report bullying online.

with today’s online cyber bullying a reporting system must have an area where students can copy and paste what is being said or posted online. Students can not just come into school and say they have been targeted online, schools must have object proof of what is happening.

Schools in most states can’t do anything about cyber bullying when it is done off school property but if the cyber bullying is affecting them at school then the school has the right to deal with the cyber bullying and should have the right to discipline a student.

This is all about education, at not only do we offer educational assembly on bullying and cyber bullying but we also offer a free online reporting system to every school who has hired us to speak to students, parents and teachers.

Give us a call at 1-866-333-4553 or go to our website Https:// for more information.


Our program is proactive by educating students about bullying and then focusing on the role of the bystanders. By focusing on the role of the bystanders we are educating all students because everyone is a bystander.

our follow up program has been designed to educate students throughout the school year.

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