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Edgartown elementary school Martha’s vineyard

SAM_2197I just had the great opportunity to speak at Edgartown elementary school on Martha’s vineyard. What made this event so special was the effort the school was showing to support students and parents.

How many times a PTO hires us and the principal never sets foot inside the gym to see what I was speaking on. Not there… The principal attended all three assemblies and the parenting presentation as well. The school counselors where at every presentation, the superintendent also came by to hear the presentations and to top it all off the school officer attended  all talks as well. In my 13 years of speaking on bullying i have never had such a great turnout by the adults in the school and school board. WOW WOW WOW

We went through the entire online program with the staff and the best part was that they did a pre survey to see where they stood so they could see how the program was working in the future.

I walk them through the anti bullying committee, leadership team, character education exercises to keep the message going strong though out the school year and showed them the online program that has self esteem exercises for targeted victims and the mentoring program for students who are found to be bullying other students.

After speaking to the students in the daytime I came back to speak to the parents. The PTO put on a great supper and they had over 50 parents who showed up to hear their role and how they can work with the school to create a safe and motivating school environment.

I gave this day a 10 out of 10…Not because I was there, because of the effort of the entire school.

In three months they’ll do another survey to see how the program is working for them. I can’t wait to see the results because we offer a proactive approach and I’m really confident they’ll see positive results.

Thanks again to everyone at the Edgartown elementary school it was a honor to meet everyone of you.