Bullying In Schools – Is There Any Solution To This Problem?

All schools aim to maintain discipline and an ethical code of conduct in their premises. Despite a set of strict rules and regulations, many students have courage and naughtiness within them to break those rules. One such rule breaker is bullying of classmates and juniors. Bullying is done behind the scenes while the teachers, principal

The Neutral and Negitive Side of Discipline

Neutral side To ensure that your students have understood their instructions about the schools policies and procedures, pick a few students at random and ask them one by one to demonstrate his/her understanding of the instructions. You will be able to understand whether the guidelines have been properly communicated to them.   Negative side What

New Website

We’ll it’s finally here. https://www.reportbullying.com/ a new design and interface. we have add more anti bullying videos, testimonials and an overall easier template to follow everything that we can do at https://www.reportbullying.com/ Our main focus is on the role of the bystanders but our program is complete with exercises, reporting systems and tracking systems just to

TEACHERS – Why are you here? part1

A light bulb Manufacturing Company hired a consultant to analyze the cause of continuing problems amongst its various divisions. The management suspected communication issues and the consultant was asked to focus specifically on this aspect. The consultant went into the plant and started by spending some time asking a few key questions of a number of