book an anti bullying speaker is North Americas leader in anti bullying assemblies and programs. Our assemblies are proactive by focusing on bystanders. Why bystanders, because everyone is a bystander. This way we work on all the behavior in your schools. Jim Jordan is an expert on the proactive side of bullying. Jim is certified and has written 4 books on bullying.

We do assemblies for grades PK-2, 3 to 5, 6 to 8, 9 to 12. We also offer parenting keynotes so parents can understand their role and teacher training to aid educators on how to respond, document and follow up with reports of bullying.

We travel all across USA and Canada and have special rates for multiple shows and schools.

The follow up program has many categories including posters, morning announcements, leadership team, reporting systems,  self esteem exercises for victims of bullying, mentoring program for students who have been caught bullying and much more. You take and use which best suits your needs for your school.

We can send you all the information and pricing in PDF format. All pricing includes everything (travel, assembly, follow up program.) 1-866-333-4553


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