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Impotance of anti bullying committies

I had the great opportunity of speaking in Sioux Lookout just north of Thunder bay Ontario this week. This school was a first Nations school. The students were so polite and excited about reducing bullying in their school. I have been at this school on three other occasions and the last two times when I was their you could see that the bad behavior received great results. it was cool to be bad and disrespectful.

As I entered the school this week I noticed a huge difference right away. I asked the counselor if my feelings were correct? He explained that 75% of the students had been gone since the last time I was their and that they had for the first time created a leadership team.

You can see what happens when the entire school says NO to bad behavior. In the morning I went into their leadership group to show them how they can work together as leaders to promote and educate the students about their role in speaking up when they witness bullying.

Right after the my presentation the leaders of the group printed off anti bullying posters that we supplied started announcing over the PA about speaking up and they also got all the students to sign an anti bullying pledge to speak up about bullying.

We left the school with a huge follow up of surveys, reporting systems, tracking systems and much more. They promised me that each leadership meeting would have one thing that they would do to keep the message going strong.

As a school we need to stop focusing on victims and start focusing on bystanders. Bystanders are the only way you can change the culture of your school. WHY? because everyone is a bystander.

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