Teacher intervention – Bullying in schools

From the National Education Society they have found that 98% of teachers believe it is their duty to intervene , document and follow up with bullying incidences. The fact is that less than 50% of teachers are properly trained to deal with bullying. I have attached a YouTube video to help teachers and parents deal with this behavior which is destroying our schools and communities.

Her are some staggering statistics for you… 1 out of every 10 high school students who drops out of school does so because of being bullied at school. 15% of all absenteeism is directly related to kids being bullied at school.

When I arrive at a school and have a chance to speak with the principal this is what I want hear from them?

“We know that bullying is a widespread and serious problem in our nation’s schools. Therefore, we train our teachers to recognize and intervene in bullying situations, we conduct an anti-bullying program with our student body, we have administrative policies in place to deal with kids who bully, we provide parents with assistance and support, and we do our best to foster a caring, supportive, and cooperative school climate.”

I’m going to add a new video’s every week to help, educate and inspire you to be more effective in these situations.

We do offer a 75 minute keynote to train teachers as well as a 4 hour training which includes: Jim Jordan and Kim Clark. We delve into meat of bullying and give teachers the tools to deal with bullying.

When all adults are on board to reduce this bad behavior we then see children able to learn in a safe and motivating school environment. We also can see the motivation grow within teachers because they now have a classroom where there is less interruptions and better behavior.

Check this Video