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Bullying In Schools – Finding A Solution

Bullying in schools

Bullying in Schools often finds it difficult to help out students who are bullied and to teach a lesson to those who bully others. Both the issues are very serious and sensitive to tackle. The foremost problem is that such events often don’t come to the notice of teachers and authorities. Victims of bullying are afraid to complain or tell about the situation to anyone. They feel that the problem will get resolved on its own with time but that’s absolutely the wrong approach. The students who bully lose the fear of being caught or punished, therefore tend to repeat the act again. Students targeted by bullying feel embarrassed, humiliated, insulted, and weak.

They lose their self-confidence and self-esteem. They might also feel alienated and depressed if the activity continues. There need to be anti-bullying rules in every school, so that students feel afraid and shy to commit the crime. They should be made aware of the consequences as that will stop them from doing so. Teachers should keep an eye on students that are courageous, naughty, and inhabit of breaking the rules. Students should be taught and motivated to speak up if they go through bullying or see someone bullying in or outside the school. They should be given assurance that they will be protected and will not face problems if they bring the event to the notice of the situation.

Parents and teachers play an important role in solving the problem of bullying. They should share a friendly and loving relationship with children. They should have good and healthy communication with kids so that they share all the events of their day. In order to be friendly, some parents become lenient and ignore mistakes occurred by their children. This is a big problem because when parents don’t react to the wrongdoings of their kids they feel that they are doing something that is right and allowed to do. Therefore, parents should always react to mistakes committed by their kids.

Being friendly means sharing a good understanding and open relationship so that they can come and talk about any sorts of problems they are facing. Some teachers are always strict and put restrictions on students disallowing them to share their expressions with them.

Have an open relationship with your students so they feel comfortable speaking up when they are being or witnessing bullying.

TEACHERS – Why are you here? part 2 Written by Jim Jordan