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logoWell it was another great year for We traveled all across the United States speaking to students, training teachers and educating parents on their role and how to work with schools to reduce bullying. We traveled to Arizona, California, New York, New jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio and many other cities and states. the best results we saw came from Cleveland. You see we had three schools in Ohio that had us twice in the same year as well as having us train their teachers. The first time we came the students had to learn what good character was and how to use that character to reduce bullying by reporting incidents they witnessed. The schools follow up by using our program to continually work on good character and to understand what bullying is and understanding what is a conflict or just bad behavior. The second time we came to their school was to reiterate what was taught the first time. What we found was the students were answering the questions we delivered and remembered what was taught to them the first time. The schools found two things that reduced the bullying. One was the teachers found that the students who reported bullying (after investigating) noticed that the reports were actually bullying. You see before we arrived students were reporting bullying for everything and most reports ended up not being bullying at all. The second thing they found was the reports went down because the students actually understood what bullying was.

Most schools have victim speakers come to their school to tell their story but what happens in most cases is that they make everyone feel like they’re a victim and students report everything. We here at teach what bullying really is and how to be proactive.

Give us a call anytime at 1866 333 4553 and we can explain what we do and how it works to create a safe and motivating school environment while reducing bullying.

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