Anti-Bullying Training for School Police in US and Canada

School Police Anti-Bullying Training – the USA – Canada

Bullying is a COMMUNITY PROBLEM, not a school problem.

We have a training session to educate the school police on how to become proactive in their communities and schools.

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Anti Bullying Training

In our town, the Police and the Schools have been working on Bullying and CyberBullying for over 5 years. This last year one of our officers recommended Report Bullying Program be added to ours. Their unique perspective of focusing on the bystanders and empowering them to “stop the problem before it starts” really makes sense. I highly recommend this program to any police or school department as an extremely efficient and cost-efficient way to teach and train the kids on how to address these problems themselves.
Chief of Police Lou Pacheco
Raynham Mass