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Bullying Information

What is bullying?

Bullying is generally seen as aggressive intentional behavior to control someone physically, mentally, or emotionally. Not all bullying is aggressive sometimes it’s punitive. Bullying occurs in every city, community and school. Bullying has no barriers it affects all races and gender.

Where do they bully?

Bullies rarely bully in front of people in authority. According to our school surveys we have found that bullying mostly occurs in the hallways, on the school bus, in the washrooms, on the internet, at recess and off school property.

Bullying – Boys vs Girls

Boys usually bully outside of their circle of friends (boys use direct bullying).
Girls usually bully within their own circle of friends (girls use indirect bullying).

Direct bullying is punching, kicking, knocking books out of people hands and throwing things
Indirect bullying is gossiping, exclusion, rude stares and words to name a few.

Why do they bully?

The question of why do people bully is one of the most asked questions when I’m speaking to parents and teachers.
There is no clear answer to why people bully, we just need to remember that bullying happens in every community.
It’s important that communities become proactive. Finding out about their bad behavior at an early stage allows counselors to help these students become productive citizens in their communities.

Victims of Bullying

What we have found is that anyone can become a victim by the same token anyone can bully. We receive calls from parents telling us unbelievable stories of their child being a victim of bullying.


The key is to focus on the behavior of the bystanders which reduces bullying in your school. We offer a full community program which is proactive with a full follow up to continually educate bystanders on their role through character education. We believe we have developed the most effective anti bullying program

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