TEACHERS – Why are you here? part 2

Unless an employee entirely understands what they do, they can easily fail on WHY they are there. However, good communication provides a better understanding to all employees of their job, and more importantly how they fit into the WHY or the mission of the company. Employees, who believe that what they do is the only

TEACHERS – Why are you here? part1


A light bulb Manufacturing Company hired a consultant to analyze the cause of continuing problems among its various divisions. The management suspected communication issues and the consultant was asked to focus specifically on this aspect. The consultant went into the plant and started by spending some time asking a few key questions of a number

Importance of anti bullying committees

Importance of anti bullying committees

I had the great opportunity of speaking in Sioux Lookout just north of Thunder Bay Ontario this week. This school was a First Nations school. The students were so polite and excited about reducing bullying in their school. I have been at this school on three other occasions and the last two times when I

Toronto schools combating anti-bullying problems

Toronto schools combating anti bullying problems

I’m here in the eastern part of Toronto where I’ll be speaking to 4 middle schools and 2 high schools about how to become proactive in reducing bullying. What I like the most is how excited they are to implement our anti-bullying program. It is critical to have a follow-up after an assembly to keep

Anti bullying programs

We just got back from a two week intense training for students and parents.  We spoke at 13 schools teaching students the role of the bystanders so that  the school system could use our follow up to keep the message going strong. For some schools you could see that the principal and staff where on