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Getting parents out to school functions

Parents at school

When offering a parenting night to educate them on certain topics we find that schools offer it less each year. They’ll have an anti-bullying parenting night and 5 parents show up. Doing hundreds of parenting nights we have found the examples below to be some of the best ways to get parents out. RAFFLES Raffles-

Can you speak to my entire student body at the same time?

We receive calls and email inquiries every day about anti-bullying assemblies for elementary, high school, and even parent night presentations. 1 out of every 50 calls we get a school wants one assembly for the entire student body. Maybe the reason is, the price must be cheaper or we only have so many students so

A new approach to reducing bullying

We at educate students to speak up to an adult if they witness bullying. For most students this can be very terrifying, wondering if they may become the next target or will their peers shun them after they hear they spoke up? With that being said I think most students feel this way because fear

Anti bullying programs

We just got back from a two week intense training for students and parents.  We spoke at 13 schools teaching students the role of the bystanders so that  the school system could use our follow up to keep the message going strong. For some schools you could see that the principal and staff where on

Bullying it has to stop

Bullying is not just a bad dream which will be over when you wake up. It is a nightmare which will go away only if we all open our eyes to this reality and choose to look out through all the windows. School Boards, along with the State boards and Ministry of Education, must demonstrate

Bullying – It’s a community problem

One day two giraffes were talking.   One giraffe said to the other giraffe, “Why do we have such long necks?”  The second giraffe replied, “So we can reach the leaves at the top of trees.”   Still curious, the giraffe asked, “Why do we have such long legs?”    His fellow giraffe friend answered; “so we can

What is Bullying? Know the three indicators of Bullying

What is Bullying Know the three indicators of Bullying

What is Bullying? Not everything is bullying find out what bullying really is and the three indicators to bullying. Have Got any questions? Let us know through comments… Read More: Author: Jim Jordan

Anti bullying strategic planning for school boards

   If you decide to drive down to Ohio, what would you do? Will you just get up one fine morning, sit in the car and start driving? Or would you put thought into planning the trip? I think most of us when posed with this question will tend to pick up the second option.