Anti bullying programs

We just got back from a two week intense training for students and parents.  We spoke at 13 schools teaching students the role of the bystanders so that  the school system could use our follow up to keep the message going strong.

For some schools you could see that the principal and staff where on board to create a safe a motivating school environment. For others it seemed like I was pulling teeth. You see it was someone higher on the school board who retained our program and I guess some principals just don’t like being told what to do.

I left some schools so motivated while leaving others just knowing that nothing else was going to be done. How do I know this?

Well, when you never get a greeting or a thank you from the principal, when the principal or counselors are not even present to see what was taught to their students… I guess it would be pretty difficult to know why and how to use our anti bullying program.

The teachers were thrilled with the assemblies but remember as I always say, it starts from the top down and if the top isn’t interested well then everything just falls apart.

Their are many fantastic principals I have met over the years but some who would rather just stay in back stage pretending that bullying doesn’t happen at their schools.

We as parents need to demand that our principals are on board in creating a safe and motivating school environment.

What can we do as parents? Start by knowing your school policies and procedures when it comes to violence and bullying. Is your school teachers intervening, documenting and follow up. Are they educating your children about bullying.

As parents get involved!!!!