Cyber Bullying are your kids safe?

cyber8A person (especially a minor) with a whimsical attitude and lots of venom-filled against another kid, teen, or individual of their age, they do not look what is the medium but try to vent out their annoyance. Being physical and vocal is retro; individuals have taken up a new medium called “Cyber” or “internet” to show their dislike toward either an individual especially teenagers, kids, pre-teenagers, society, or any other feature. This kind of bullying through electronic communication is referred as Cyber bullying.

You have heard your kids saying that some of their classmates are big bullies, and they are at big risk. These bullies can be handled as you know the person and the reason too. But, there is a kind of bullying victimized by the major ratio of kids and the younger lot, which even their parents or guardians, are totally unaware of. Under the veil of information technology, teenagers are abusing the medium for harassing, threatening, using abusive language against their peers. This cyber bullying is proactive these days, and they use majorly the widely used electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablet computers, laptop computers, and similar equipment extensively. We know the medium and the group that performs this bullying, but we do not that this harrying can come out in different formats like text messages, emails, videos, photographs. There is no specific time for the kids to get tormented. Kids or teenagers have become so viable to harassment as they are exposed to the prevailing trend of social networking. The young group is so fascinated by these networking sites that they are hardly unaware of the kind of threat they could bring into their tiny lives. The networking sites are usually accessible by any age group, which gives a gateway for the kids to interact with the outside world, leading them to give all the intricate information and details about themselves.

Individuals, who want to take the advantage of this situation or for a fun-sake, start either threatening or sending abusive messages to other kids – leading to cyber bullying. The dire results of this cyber bullying are either committing murders, suicides, or other physical harm to oneself or the one who commits it.

It is the responsibility of the parents to analyze if their kids are being tormented by these unethical threats, by all means, have the right to approach a local authority like the police department, attorney, or any person related to law. The law is not lenient to crimes like cyber bullying; the situation will be taken into immediate consideration, and the minor could be even charged with criminal action. There are also high chances for a person to sentence to juvenile imprisonment.