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Cyber Bullying

Cyber BullyingCyber bullying has become a widespread crime across the globe. Age or gender is not an obstacle, neither there are boundaries for cyber bullying. Hideous criminals are finding new ways to commit an offence. The victims could be known or unknown persons. The reasons for wrongdoing could be many like ransom amount, personal grudge, or just a bad intention to cause harm. Amongst the victims, many are children below 14 years who fall prey to cyber crime.

Governments are working on amending judicial system and create special laws for cyber bullying. In a recent survey, more than 7000 children under age group of 17 reported callous behaviour by friends. When it is converted to the percentage, 77 percent children are aware, and 28 percent of them are bullied online. On a global perspective, the crime is growing at a rapid pace.

Teenagers and adults have access to the internet on the move with latest smart phones and gadgets. This becomes an easy medium to do the shameful act. Above 80 percent of the adults are using smart phones and nearly 70 percent are aware of intimidation. Technology has done good and bad for the society. It has become difficult for parents or care takers to keep an eye on their children’s doings.

Online bullying can cause mental and physical distress. It can lead to prolonged trauma and victims can even experience anxiety and fear. These different patterns of illness can even push them to make a suicide attempt.

What can parents or care takers do?

Parents should regularly counsel their kids and create awareness on the use of social media and other internet sites. They should strictly enforce standards on internet usage. Home should be a safe place to invite open discussion with children. These discussions can bridge any gaps in parent-child relationship. If victimised then, report the incident immediately to related authorities or police and block all affected sources of crime. In the case of minor, regular policing by parents is advised. Teachers should also work with students and parents to foster preventive measures.

Administrative Measures:

Governments should incorporate programs at schools and institutions to create awareness on cyber bullying and take preventive measures to avoid the offence. The programs should include instructions on safe internet usage and security. Specific anti-bullying laws should be introduced to protect victims and punish the culprits.

Eventually, every individual should feel responsible and keep away from wrongdoings. Internet is a gateway for a lot of good opportunities, and one should realize and utilize them in the best way.