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Prosecuting South Fayette boy for recording bullies

Here we go again. At least 3 times a day we receive calls from parents stating that students and parents are reporting the bullying and the school is doing nothing. I mean nothing, not documenting, reporting or investigating. More importantly the school is not even making sure that the students are in a safe school environment.

Christian Aaron from a school in the Pittsburgh area reported bullying to the principal several times , even his mother reported the bullying many times and nothing was done. So what did Christian Aaron do? Well the next time the bullies came to taunt him he decided to press the recorder button on his IPad.

Christian Aaron came home and let his mom hear what was said to him while being bullied. His mother came to the school and let the principal hear the voice recording. Unbelievably the principal called the police to charge Christian Aaron with illegally taping the bullies.

Now two wrongs don’t make a right but this is happening time and time again, where schools do nothing when something is reported and when the victims/targets do something to protect themselves they get suspended.

Statistic show that less then 50% of teachers have been trained properly to intervene, investigate, document and follow up. Here is another statistic that is interesting. 101 teachers where surveyed. 99% said they would intervene if they witnessed bullying but stats show that less then 10% of the time teachers actually witness bullying and less then 20% of the time they do anything when someone speaks up about bullying. “oh it’s just a conflict” “they’ll be friends by tomorrow” “no ratting or tattling here”

We at offer a 90 min, 4 hour or 6 hour training sessions to aid in educating teachers on their role.

The story goes about Christian Aaron is, the school got so much negative response that they decided to drop the charges. But the real question and concern is? Are they doing anything to become proactive and respond to bullying situations after all this?