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bullying – what approach is proactive

stopwe all understand how bullying can affect everyone. Not just the victims but the bystanders as well. To reduce bullying it has to start at the top and constant education in mandatory.

I have personally been to almost 1000 schools and the schools where all the teachers are on board to stop bullying I have personally notice a safer school environment. In other words it starts at the top. The difficulty is getting teachers on board that this is not another thing on their already busy plate but by reducing bullying you automatically reduce most of the bad behavior. When bad behavior is reduced it allows teachers to come to work in a safe and motivating school environment.

This is not something that happens over night, it is part of the atmosphere when anyone enters their school.

At we offer a proactive approach by focusing on education and the role of the bystanders.

Education – what is bullying – what are the indicators to bullying – different forms of bullying – the difference between teasing and taunting – telling vs. tattling – conflict vs. bullying.

when students understand bullying better they speak up when bullying occurs. What is happening now is??? schools book victim speakers who are not experts. They make everything look like bullying so when a student finishes watching an assembly like this…. Suddenly everyone starts speaking up and the majority of the complaints are not bullying.

Listen I was a victim of bullying but it’s not about me it’s about them. By focusing on bystanders you automatically focus on all the behavior because everyone is a bystander.

At we also off a complete program to help you keep that message going strong.

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