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The consequence approach

bullying bystanders lesson plans

As we all know our kids are smarter and know more about the internet than us.

We all know that our children can sometimes make a really bad decision when it comes to posts and tweets that may hurt or ruin another student’s reputation.

Along comes the consequence approach…

This approach is usually done between friends. You see a student who is about to post something negative about another student online. As a friend, you would say to the person who is about to post this garbage “Susan I wouldn’t post that because you may get suspended for that”

Offering consequences to someone’s actions can sometimes stop that post from happening.

We need to teach this approach in our homes and of course at school giving scenarios and allowing students or our children to reply with a consequence.

This approach may be a huge reason their friend didn’t get suspended and you as a friend helped out both your friend and the victim.

In today’s society, our youth are so used to texting, tweeting, and posting before ever going face to face with someone about a problem they have. The amount they’re online has made the youth of today unaware of the consequences of posting negative comments online.

It’s not just about posting, you may have a situation where a student says I’m going kick Johnny’s ass after school. This is where their friend may say “I know you’re upset but if you do that you may get kicked off the basketball team. Why don’t you just go talk with them and tell them that you didn’t like what they posted and if it’s done again you’ll report them to the principal.”

The consequence approach for online posts and aggressive behavior can help both sides of the problem and defuse a situation that may turn out dreadful for both parties.

We at teach this approach and four other options to help reduce bullying in your child’s school.