Character Education School Exercises | Anti-Bullying

Character Education Follow Up

Assemblies are a great way to educate everyone but as we suggest bullying is just a symptom of bad behavior, and our follow-up online program was designed to focus on these areas.

After our anti-bullying assembly, each school will receive ACCESS TO THE follow-up.

Includes fun interactive exercises that aid in educating your students on different types of bullying, as well as our key concept- focusing on the role of the bystanders.

Each category offers VIDEO-PDF-CERTIFICATES to make each exercise effortless to teach.

  • Primary (K-3)
  • Intermediate (4-6)
  • Senior (7-12)
  • Teacher tools
  • Leadership exercises
  • Self-esteem exercises
  • Posters to print off
  • Morning announcements
  • Parenting sections

We are continually adding anti-bullying and character education exercises.


I wanted to thank you again for coming to Huntsville High School. We were thrilled with your presentation this morning. Nico and I have already chatted a bit about the character ed. materials available to us, and we’re putting a plan in place as we speak.

Take care,

Alison Turnbull
Vice Principal, Huntsville High School