Can you speak to my entire student body at the same time?

We receive calls and email inquiries everyday about anti bullying assemblies for elementary, high school and even parent night presentations.
1 out of every 50 calls we get a school wants one assembly for the entire student body. Maybe the reason is, the price must be cheaper or we only have so many students so it makes sense to put them all into one assembly.
When your school has grade from levels from 7 to 12 it’s easy to have them all in one assembly because from middle school to high school statistics show that students use more of the social type bullying like exclusion, taunting and cyber bullying. That information can be given to grades 7 to 12 in one assembly.
The problem lies with elementary school students. There is absolutely no way you can speak to a student in kindergarten the same way you speak to a student in grade 6. Kindergarten students need action, silly and funny comments that reach their age level. For example I use a flower trick to demonstrate how to care for their teachers. The young ones laugh and get the message; if I did that same trick for any students from grades 4 to 6 they would boo me out of the gym.
Primary students need to know the basics on how to make friends, how to care and share and how to solve their own problems because many of the problems primary students have is with simple conflict resolutions.
An elementary school needs to break their grade levels up from K-2 and 3-6 for their students to receive the right content and message to reduce bullying in their school.
When it comes to parenting presentations, once again I receive inquiries asking for a family presentation. How can you speak to parents about their role and their behavior when having children in the same room with them? Schools seem to want you to entertain the young kids while trying to bring an intellectual understanding to parents about bullying and their role in working with the school.
I’m sorry but this is not the right approach. We have turned away many schools who have asked for this type of presentation. We suggest having babysitting for students in the gym or library while the seminar is going on for the parents.
It’s your money that you worked so hard to raise, so do the right approach to make sure that your students and parents receive the information for their age level.
Please keep up on our blog and I’ll write about things you can do to get parents out to these type of meetings.

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