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Testimonial for


April 3, 2017


RE:  Written Testimonial on behalf of Jim Jordan


To Whom It May Concern,


Mr. Jim Jordan provided our school with services that included student anti-bulling assemblies at the opening of the school year, as well as a teacher training that was part of our preservice schedule prior to the 2016-17 school year. During the teacher session, Mr. Jordan discussed how to recognize the signs of bullying, as well as how to handle those situations as a classroom teacher.


Mr. Jordan has proven to be very knowledgeable about the topic of bullying.  In addition to the above sessions, we also had him come back mid-year to reiterate his message to our students.  All of the sessions our staff and students participated in helped to eliminate the amount of bullying occurrences within our building.  This data was apparent when compared to previous school years.  In addition to this data, our teachers are now better equipped to handle and identify behaviors that indicate possible bullying situations.


With that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Mr. Jim Jordan for teacher in service sessions, as well as for student assemblies.  He is very engaging and keeps both staff and students entertained, while also delivering a very important message that seems to really remain in the forefront of our staff and students’ minds throughout the school year.



Lisa Quick

Assistant Principal

Citizens Academy